The amino acid arginine is an immune system enhancer and powerful growth hormone stimulant. It plays a role in many body tasks: wound healing, circulation and sexual function.

In response to sexual stimulation, your body releases nitric oxide (NO) in your genitals. This causes the smooth muscles to relax and blood flows into the penis resulting in erection. Both arginine and ginkgo biloba have both been shown to enhance NO levels in your body. “If sufficient NO is not produced, erection or sexual stimulation does not occur. Arginine is absolutely necessary for the production of NO….Some scientists studying these phenomena have concluded that up to 90% of all impotency can be reversed by NO (and by implication, the use of arginine).” [Source: Dr. Whitaker Wellness Institute Guide To Nutrients, Julian Whitaker M.D., Summer 1998] The new drug Viagra from Pfizer increases blood flow into the penis, or into the vaginal area for women, but this drug has many known side effects and there were 69 confirmed deaths attributed to Viagra use by the fall of 1998!

Arginine should be taken on an empty stomach. You may use it daily and/or 30 minutes to an hour before sexual activity. Not for use by diabetics, borderline diabetics, pregnant or lactating women, cancer patients or persons who have had ocular or brain herpes. Available in health food stores.

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