Natural Progesterone Cream (For Women)

Progesterone plays many roles in the body, one of them is maintaining sex drive. It is particularly important for women in the menopausal cycle. Natural progesterone is identical to what your body produces. It is derived from diosgenin in the wild Mexican yam. Natural progesterones are more biologically active and safer than their unnatural counterparts.

Progesterone is a small fat-soluble molecule, which can be easily absorbed through the skin. It is initially absorbed into the fat layers under the skin, then is diffused into the capillaries where it enters the blood stream as needed. This makes transdermal progesterone 100% bioavailable to the body. In contrast, oral supplementation of progesterone has to be taken in very high dosages to compensate for the almost 90% which will be excreted by the liver.

Use 1/4 to 3/4 teaspoon in the morning, applied to the softer parts of the body (for better absorption). Rotate the application spot on a daily basis. Because natural progesterone is identical to the body's own progesterone there are no known side effects at 20-40 mg/day. Very large dosages can result in feelings of sleepiness. Available by mail order from suppliers listed.

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